Textures – Gravel and Sand (2K/4K)

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These textures for 3D visualization represent the material of gravel and sand. The material is captured with photography and its constituting textures are post processed in Substance Painter.

With the included texture files, the material can be easily recreated in the render software of your choice, as long as it supports OpenEXR files and the Metallic/Roughness paradigm. Should only Glossiness be supported by the software at hand, the Roughness texture can be inverted (whereby comparable results are achieved). Further, for this material the Metallic texture can be discarded (alternatively replaced with the value of 0), due to the material being uniformly dielectric (non-conductive, non-metallic).

The material textures are seamless, and they cover a surface which in real-world scale approximates 2.5×2.5 metres.

For a tutorial how to use these textures in Unreal Engine, please click here.

The material includes textures for Base Colour (Albedo), Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic and Displacement (Height). Along the separate texture files there is also included a channel packed texture file combining Ambient Occlusion, Roughness and Metallic in the R, G and B channels, to reduce the number of texture files the rendering software has to load when rendering (if not only Roughness of the three is used in your workflow, that is, which would make the channel packing obsolete).

The texture files are delivered in sets of two different resolutions, namely 2048×2048 (2K) and 4096×4096 (4K). The file format is 16-bit OpenEXR, coded with half-precision floating-point and compressed with PIZ. All texture files in 2K are of a total file size of 38.9 MB, and in 4K they weigh in at 148 MB. However, these calculations include both the separate and the channel packed version of the AO, Roughness and Metallic textures, which contributes to a slightly misrepresentative overweight, in relation to the practical selection of textures fitting your workflow.

Please note that this product only includes the texture files which in combination represents the material, and is not to be seen as a plug and play solution to render the material straight out of the box – the textures will have to be implemented in an adequately configured material file/node, with a compatible shader assigned, to be rendered according to the properties the textures define (but the rendering software interprets). In the preview images (please note that the visualization scene is not included in the product), Unreal Engine 4.25 is used to visualize the material that the textures define, rendered with the standard shader .

  • Title: Textures – Gravel and Sand
  • Filename prefix: T_Gravel+Sand
  • Keywords: ground, gravel, sand, seamless, real-world scale, photoscanned, PBR

  • Approximate real-world scale: 2.5×2.5 metres
  • Included textures: Base Colour (Albedo), Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic, Displacement (Height)
  • Channel packed textures: Channel packed Ambient Occlusion [Red channel], Roughness [Green channel] and Metallic [Blue channel] included, as well as separate textures for the same
  • Texture suffixes: _BC (Base Colour/Albedo), _N (Normal), _AO (Ambient Occlusion, _R (Roughness), _M (Metallic), _AO-R-M (channel packed Ambient Occlusion [R], Roughness [G], Metallic [B]), _H (Displacement/Height)

  • Shading paradigm: Physically Based Rendering – Metallic/Roughness
  • Metallic/dielectric uniformity: Yes, the material is uniformly dielectric (non-conductive, non-metallic) and the Metallic texture can be replaced with a value of 0

  • File format: OpenEXR 16-bit floating-point [HALF] (.exr) with PIZ compression
  • Resolutions: 2K, 4K
  • Total file size: 38.9 MB (2K), 148 MB (4K)

  • Author: Sanning Arkitekter
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2020 Aifoskela AB
  • User licence: Royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual licence for commercial and non-commercial use
  • Date of publishing: September 23 2020

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These textures for 3D visualization represent the material of gravel and sand.

Tutorial for use in UE4:

Textures – Gravel and Sand (2K/4K)

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